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Why Mindful Music Lessons is (or should be) the internet’s #1 choice for music lessons.

Mindful Music Lessons has taught over 1,200 students from ages 7 to adult. Whatever instrument you or your child wish to play, odds are we teach it: Piano, electric & acoustic Guitar, Drums, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele, Voice and Singing, & Violin all taught on our platform.

We teach ages 7 to adult, that’s children, students with special needs, students of all abilities, seniors, veterans, worship leaders, and we serve homeschool groups.


We teach Piano, Guitar, Singing, Beatboxing, Violin/Viola/Cello, Bass, Sax/Clarinet, Trumpet/Trombone/French Horn, Drums, Mallets, Ukulele, Mandolin, Saz, Balalaika, Banjo, & Fiddle lessons.

STRINGS, WOODWINDS, BRASS, PERCUSSION, ELECTRONICS, Improvisation, Songwriting, Composition/Theory, Recording/Production, and more.

19 benefits of becoming a student @ MindfulMusicLessons:

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1. Mindfulness • Music a ‘Super Food’ for your Mind & Heart.

Music is all about listening, feeling, sharing, and expanding our awareness. Enjoying Music is an essential part of the human experience; it’s the “soundtrack of our lives” (Dick Clarke). And learning how to make music is such a fun way to grow and connect the spatial, linguistic, mathematical, logical, and emotional parts of the brain. So let’s boost our E.Q. (emotional intelligence) because the world needs this healing & growth now more than ever!

It’s what we stand for at MindfulMusicLessons.Org

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2. Teaching-Artists on Staff.

Some are world-class & grammy-nominated, others have played Carnegie Hall, or Saturday Night Live! All good folx.

In any case, We hire only university-trained musicians or teaching-artists with 20+ years performance experience.


3. Work/Life Balance.

Parents love our low stress format. You have enough on your plate already, driving to work, and/or driving the kids to activities & we want to support your work/life balance with lessons that fit your Schedule. Super convenient!

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4. Loyalty Rewards.

You get a FREE lesson for *every referral that ‘sticks’.

*one free lesson per family referred.

If interested, let your friend(s) know they can visit to “Request Info” today!

Note: ask us for details; restrictions apply.


5. Eco-Friendly • Low-Carbon.

This really should be #1.

Low-carbon music lessons on ≈any instrument, in ≈any genre, so you can ditch the commute, & save on gas because the future of music education is here.

Also, we don’t plan to ever buy/build/rent a concrete store front because FUN FACT: “if concrete were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of [CO2e]”

(Ask us about eco-friendly instruments, gear, & supplies because we may have recommendations e.g. ‘sustainable tone woods’, or buying used & locally, etc.)

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6. Alternative to Games/Apps/TV.

Get the kids & teens off those games and onto a real instrument. Music is the gift that keeps giving in hours of spectacular performances and distraction-free practice time irL. Lessons are a great entry ramp to the flow state. Creative Professionals know how & when to stay focused.

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7. Recitals • Confidence-Booster.

Replace “I can’t” with “How can I?”. Build confidence by performing for friends and family at our (FREE-Admission & 100% voluntary ) quarterly recitals. We give you regular opportunities (and a complimentary video clip documenting your performance) to build confidence continuously in a safe space so you can strut across across any stage and work your magic!

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8. Style • Genre-flexible.

From classical, jazz, & pop to bluegrass & beatboxing, we have more specialists, on popular and niche instruments, than most, if not all, brick-and-mortar (non-university) music schools because we’re not limited to a handful of rooms.

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9. Accountability to a Real Person.

Cultivate Discipline by carving out the space and time to honor your commitment to musical fun & mastery because Practice makes Progress. It will get easier and easier for you to step into your flow, at will, and with intention.

10. Patience & other Virtues.

Remember the Marshmellow test? Trust the Long view. Students looking to reach their full potential should expect at least 1-5 years of musical development with us to fully realize the greatest benefits of our service because Rome wasn’t built in a day. (Try practicing patience right now by reading to the bottom of this page. We dare you! Lol

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11. Collaboration • Team Work.

Replace “How can I?” with “How can WE?” There’s a lot of nuance you can’t learn from a Youtube video talking at you. If pro athletes need living breathing coaches, & personal trainers, etc. then musicians at least need an accountability partner, right?  A good mentor can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of hours (and maybe thousands of dollars) spent on bad habits you might find ‘impossible’ to unlearn. Group Lessons are an excellent way to immerse yourself, or your child, in the art of collaboration as you learn from, & help, other students (for 50% SAVINGS).

12. Self-Scheduling 24/7.

Schedule lessons anytime; available 24/7. Reschedule anytime with at least 24hrs notice to get a make-up lesson at no extra cost.

13. Choose Your Adventure • Customize your Experience.

We want to match you with a teaching-artist who fits like a glove. Every teacher has their own style so let them know if you want a curriculum or if you want to go with the flow & play-it-by-nose (…said nobody ever).

14. Worldwide • International.

We work with teachers in 4+ time zones so we can probably find a time that works great for your schedule. If we don’t already offer a time you absolutely need, let us know because we may be able to extend/adjust hours for ya.

15. Your Language.

If you have trouble learning in English, we would be happy to find a teacher who speaks your native language. Some of our teachers have given lessons in Español, 中文, Português, Bosanski, etc.
so just ask! We can often make it happen. (Note: Language-specificity may limit genre-specificity).

16. Diversity • Inclusivity.

At Mindful Music Lessons™, we make diversity hiring a priority—inclusive of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, body type, and socio-economic status—to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

…and secretly, also because we love Star Trek’s vision for the future! Lol. Is that weird?

17. Scholarships.

$450 awarded since 2021 and we’re just getting started. To honor our commitment to making lessons available to all, we may offer discounted pricing in your area, and we are gradually creating a scholarship program, so please let us know if you’d like to contribute a gift eponymously or anonymously because it’s a really great cause—not tax-deductible.

Thanks for considering! 🙂

18. Sick Days & Snow Days? No Problem.

We offer lessons Online.

Sick days, bad weather, and car troubles, don’t have to slow you down. Can’t get your teacher sick, or vice versa, if your lessons are Online, right? So, if you’re feeling up to it, you don’t have to lose a week of progress when you’re just a little under the weather.

19. 24-hour Cancellation; Make-Ups.

While we do have a standard 24hr cancellation policy and appreciate getting as much notice as possible, those who do cancel on time can get a make-up lesson within a week at no extra charge.

Meet the Director

The ability to play an instrument or sing beautifully offers a lifetime of benefits. Music lessons also foster a student’s personal, social, and academic development. Mindful Music Lessons™ has made substantial investments in our three facilities and elite faculty to provide an uplifting environment designed to foster creativity, confidence and joy.

If you’ve been told you are tone deaf or uncoordinated, I’m here to inform you that everyone can improve their musical skills. As a musician, songwriter and music professor, I’ve witnessed thousands of students transform their lives in ways they never imagined possible. We make it our mission to help students explore and develop their talents, wherever their curiosity and interests lead them.

Tom Stroll
Founder / Multi-Instrumentalist
Mindful Music Lessons™

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[The recital] was a triumph! Thank you for your dedication + all around excellent work with our kids. You teach them not only about music, but patience, process, perseverance + fun. We really enjoyed the concert. Thank you for all you do. Looking forward to more great music.

Carolyn (Greenwich, CT) / parent of violin student


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