24-hour Policy

By using our services the client (also, “Member”) agrees to be bound by this twenty-four (24) hour policy (also, “24-hour Policy”).

Timely & Inclusive Communication(s):
If, for any reason, Student or Member is unable to cancel and/or reschedule completely and directly on Fons.app—the scheduling platform used by all our Members to simplify scheduling—then all other scheduling COMMUNICATIONS must be received by BOTH (a) our ‘front desk’ TEAM member ( email us: Team@MindfulMusicLessons.Org or text/call us: +1(203)989-0190 ) AND (b) the applicable TEACHER to be considered timely. For time-sensitive concerns, e.g. Lateness (details herein), if one of us doesn’t respond within 1-2minutes, please CALL US immediately ( +1(203)989-0190 ) so we can resolve the issue.

Low-Maintenance Membership:
Friendly reminder that lessons canceled due to sickness, vacation, and anything else have already been factored into the price of membership for your convenience, so you can simply cancel on Fons, as needed, and will see you next time. No further action required.

IMPORTANT: To get the most value from your membership, read all the following details and reschedule accordingly.

>24hrs notice.
Lessons canceled, or downgraded (e.g. shortened in duration), with more than twenty-four (24) hours advance notice may be rescheduled—at least in part for the downgraded portion—within ten (10) business days of the lesson cancelled. Such rescheduled lesson (also, a “reschedule”) would be at NO EXTRA CHARGE

≤24hrs notice.
Lessons canceled, or ‘rescheduled’, within twenty-four (24) hours of lesson start time are considered absences
(also, “no show(s)”), are billable, and absences will NOT be made up. 

Make-Up lessons (also, “Make Up(s)”, “make up(s), “make-up(s)” ) may be PURCHASED for an ADDITIONAL FEE, at your typical hourly rate.
Lessons shortened in duration (also, “downgraded”) within twenty-four (24) hours of lesson start time are billable at the price of the full lesson duration prior to downgrading.

If and when the student—i.e. the Member him/herself, the Member’s (grand)child, the lesson beneficiary, or the Member’s ward—(also, “Student”) arrives fifteen (15) minutes late, or later, with no advance notice, it’s also considered a billable absence. Teaching-associates are neither expected, nor required, to wait longer than fifteen (15) minutes for a Student running that late.

Transferrable; Exceptions:
In anticipation of an absence or lateness, Student may gift the scheduled lesson time to another family member or friend who’s ready to play & learn. Any and all other make-up lessons are solely at Company’s discretion.

How to Cancel / Reschedule?

To minimize back-and-forth scheduling so we can sufficiently meet the needs of our growing membership base in a timely manner, please:

(1) Login to https://fons.app/
(2) click on the applicable event
(3) click ‘cancel’ (teaching-associates may click ‘reschedule’ instead)
(4) On Mobile: click the grey PLUS sign (“+”) next to Calendar.
On Computer: click the teal green “+ New” button to reschedule.
(available 24/7 for your convenience).

Here’s a quick & easy video walk-through for support.

For all other Fons support, please email hello@fons.com
because they are very responsive & helpful in that area.

Thank you!